Northern Ireland Office confirms supplier to offer Centenary tree to every local school

Northern Ireland Office confirms supplier to offer Centenary tree to every local school

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis has today announced the supplier for the Centenary ‘Trees for Schools’ initiative led by the Northern Ireland Office, which will see over 1,100 schools in Northern Ireland offering a native tree for planting to mark the Centenary year.

The local Northern Ireland supplier will be Portadown company Craigmore Trees, who will offer schools a range of native trees to choose from including alder, birch, crab apple, ornamental cherry, rowan and oak.

Each tree will be accompanied by a special plaque and will grow and mature in the years to come, acting as a reminder for future generations of this significant year for the people of Northern Ireland and the whole UK.

Independent Councillor William McCandless welcomed the initiative.  Speaking to Causeway Coast Community he said "I welcome the 'Trees for Schools' initiative announced by the Northern Ireland Office to mark the Centenary year by donating trees for planting in 1100 schools throughout the province.

"These will be indigenous trees to Northern Ireland such as oak and rowan and it will leave a positive ecological impact for our children, grandchildren and future generations. It is a wonderful, practical example for our children to appreciate nature and their environment.

"We often refer to trees as the “ lungs of the world “ but they perform many other necessary functions such as regulating the flow and use of water by intercepting rain and releasing it slowly to run into rivers or enter groundwater. Trees are vitally important for the maintenance of natures balance providing habitation for microbes, insects, birds and mammals.

"There is a popular Chinese proverb that says “ The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now".

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