Northern Ireland provides backdrop for TV series The Car Years

Northern Ireland provides backdrop for TV series The Car Years

Images of Northern Ireland will be beamed into the homes of over 1.5 million people across GB, in a new season of a popular TV series called The Car Years, when episodes three and four air on ITV4 this evening (19 July).

The eight-part series was filmed entirely in Northern Ireland and was supported by Tourism Ireland. Over the eight episodes – which focus on eight classic motoring years – the show’s presenters, Vicki Butler-Henderson and Alex Riley, will each select a car that they believe is worthy of being crowned the best classic car of that particular year.

Viewers will see the classic cars put through their paces on some of the most picturesque driving routes in Northern Ireland – including the Causeway Coastal Route and the roads of the Mourne Mountains. They will also see Vicki and Alex visit the Ulster Transport Museum in Cultra.

Publicity and broadcasts like this are a key element of Tourism Ireland’s programme of activity, to keep Northern Ireland front and centre in the minds of future visitors in GB and elsewhere around the world.

Julie Wakley, Tourism Ireland’s Head of Great Britain, said: “Tourism Ireland was delighted to support the production of this eight-part TV series, ‘The Car Years’. With over 1.5 million people across GB set to watch each episode, it’s a great way to shine a spotlight on Northern Ireland – highlighting our picturesque driving routes and spectacular scenery. It will help ensure that Northern Ireland stays front-of-mind with prospective visitors and remind viewers across GB that Northern Ireland is a great choice for a driving holiday.”

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