Northern Trust Provides Further Update on Radiology Lookback Review

Northern Trust Provides Further Update on Radiology Lookback Review

The Northern Trust has provided a further update on the Radiology Lookback Review that it is conducting into the work of a Locum Consultant Radiologist who was engaged by the Trust from July 2019 to February 2020.

Commenting, Dr Seamus O’Reilly, Medical Director at the Northern Trust, and also Chair of the Steering Group for the Lookback Review, said:

“I can confirm that as of Tuesday 23 August, we have completed the review of 7,902 images, which is just over 60 percent of the total.

“To date, we have identified Level 1 discrepancies in a total of six images. Level 1 discrepancies are errors or omissions in reporting which could have had immediate and significant clinical impact for the patients concerned.

“In addition we have identified a further 37 images with Level 2 discrepancies i.e. reporting errors or omissions with probable impact for patients.

“Most of the images categorised as having Level 1 and Level 2 major discrepancies are CT scans but some are MRI scans, chest x-rays and other x-rays.”

So far, the Trust has been able to provide assurance to 4,012 patients or their parents/guardians that there is no further cause for concern (44 percent of the total of 9,091 who received initial letters informing them that their images would be part of the review).

Continuing Dr O’Reilly said:

“The review is progressing well and we are hopeful that we can complete the remaining images – just over 5,000 – over the next few weeks. Our Clinical Sub-group continues to meet on a weekly basis to review patients whose images have been categorised as Level 1 or Level 2. It also considers some Level 3 images to decide what actions are appropriate.”

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