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‘Obscene energy profits a scandal’ – Archibald

Sinn Féin MLA Caoimhe Archibald has branded reports that energy giants are set to pocket an eye-watering £160 billion in profits a scandal. 

The party’s economy spokesperson said action must taken to end the energy rip-off and put money in people’s pockets. 

Caoimhe Archibald said: 

“Reports that energy companies are set to record eye-watering profits of £160 billion is scandalous and a kick in the teeth for workers and families who cannot afford to put the heat on because of sky high prices. 

“The £600 energy payment is a huge help to people who are struggling, but more needs to be done to end the rip-off prices that are forcing people into hardship in the first place. 

“The British Government should place another windfall tax on these companies to slash these obscene profits and redirect the money into the pockets of ordinary workers and families to cut their bills now, rather than boosting the fortunes of wealthy shareholders.”