Misconduct within Causeway Coast & Glens policing district

Misconduct within Causeway Coast & Glens policing district

It has been revealed that two police officers have been suspended from Causeway Coast & Glens policing district since September 2020.

Causeway Coast & Glens policing District covers the previous legacy Council areas of Coleraine, Limavady, Ballymoney and Moyle.  The two officers were part of the local policing team that respond to calls, conduct investigations, and deal with community problems.

Officer one was suspended for 'failing to investigate and mishandling of police property.'

Officer two was suspended for a 'positive drugs test'.

The outcome of the investigations was that officer one was required to resign, as per the Royal Ulster Constabulary (Conduct) Regulations 2000 and officer two resigned prior to conclusion of the misconduct process.

Alderman George Duddy said that the misconduct is worrying especially when both officers were part of the local policing team.

In a statement this morning he said "At a time when confidence of policing is at an all time low, it is very disappointing to receive such information that one officer from Causeway Coast & Glens District has been engaged in drug taking and another failing to investigate and the mishandling of police property.

"The public want to see more police on the beat to tackle crime and to reassure them. Worryingly these officers were members of the local policing team.  The officers from this team are the officers who the public want to see patrolling their area.

"Interestingly one officer was required to resign while the other officer was allowed to resign prior to the conclusion of the drugs investigation.  

"Did the officer provide any information as to where they got their drugs from or did they refuse to, to protect their supplier?

"It would seem they were allowed to slip away quietly without facing the full rigours of the law.   Was this to protect the drug dealer?  

Alderman Duddy concluded "Unfortunately these two officers bring disgrace upon those other officers who give off their best to serve this community."

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