One hundred tyres at bonfire angers local Councillor

One hundred tyres at bonfire angers local Councillor

The illegal dumping of tyres at a bonfire site near Armoy has been condemned
by local councillor Joan Baird.

The Causeway Coast and Glens representative has been contacted by concerned
residents at Clintyfinnan where a substantial amount of rubbish has been
deposited beside a council owned playground including an estimated 100

Cllr. Baird described the situation as shocking and urged anyone with
information as to who was responsible to contact the authorities.
When made aware of the situation on Saturday, Cllr. Baird said she would act immediately and do her best to have the tyres removed.

She said: “This was a totally illegal act and those responsible should realise that they have broken the law. They need to know that the toxic fumes from these tyres can cause cancer and given that there are quite a number of children in the nearby housing estate makes it all the more reprehensible.”One local said: There has been a steady stream of people taking the opportunity to get rid of unwanted items with total disregard for the environment.

“No one objects to a bonfire but the situation has become out of hand. In addition to the tyres there’s a fridge which also contains toxic gas and again shows the complete lack of care by whoever dumped it.”

The bonfire at Clintyfinnan where an estimated 100 tyres have been illegally

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