Paddleboarder rescued by RNLI in Portrush

Paddleboarder rescued by RNLI in Portrush

Portrush RNLI was requested to launch by Belfast Coastguard at 7.50 pm yesterday evening (Monday) to reports of a paddleboarder in difficulty between East Strand beach and the Skerries.

The Inshore Lifeboat, helmed by Johnny Weston launched at 7.55pm into near perfect conditions, clear skies, good visibility, light winds and a smooth sea.

The volunteer ILB crew arrived on scene at 8pm and was able to pick up the paddleboarder and return him to the safety of the East Strand.

The ILB returned to station at 8.20pm.

Beni McAllister Lifeboat Operations Manager at Portrush said:‘This was a textbook rescue for our crew. However, we would advise all paddle boarders to keep an eye on the weather conditions and to carry a means of contacting someone if you do get into difficulty. Luckily tonight the winds were light, and the sea was smooth so our crew were able to get to the paddleboarder very quickly and return him to the beach."

Safety Information can be found on the main RNLI website

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