Parents queue for hours to be told 'no spaces' left

Parents queue for hours to be told 'no spaces' left

Parents yesterday queued for hours outside the Joey Dunlop Centre in Ballymoney to secure swimming lessons for their children.  

In a social media post on the 9th September, followers were told to book in person or by telephone, however, lines remained unanswered despite numerous parents holding for at least an hour.  

Those that did appear in the two-hour queue were left with limited information and many being told there were no slots available based on the booking age of the child.  

One parent on social media said " I would have understood if we were kept up to date and told that there were no slots available for certain age groups.  I queued for 1hr and 30 minutes. They waited until each individual parent got access to the building.  Just another shambles by our local council."

Causeway Coast Community understands that the Joey Dunlop Centre will be working to secure additional booking slots this week and that parents will be contacted directly.  

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