Planning application submitted for Portstewart Panoramic Wheel

Planning application submitted for Portstewart Panoramic Wheel

A planning application has been submitted for a temporary siting and operation of a Panoramic Viewing Wheel to site and operate for an approved period between June 2022 and Mid September 2022 in Council space at the playpark, the Crescent Portstewart.

Portstewart Councillor Mark Fielding has welcomed the application.

Councillor Fielding said "I welcome news that a planning application has been lodged for the Panoramic Wheel for next summer in Portstewart. The Panoramic Wheel returned this year having missed 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, and it is good news that it is proposed to return at the same location at the Crescent Portstewart for the same summer period in 2022.

"The Panoramic Wheel has been a welcome addition to the tourist value of the town, to the summer season and visitor experience of Portstewart when it was first approved for the summer of 2019. Given the same location is again being proposed, I hope the application is successful so that the Big Wheel can return subject to Council consent along with the return of the popular week-long Red Sails Festival."

Picture : Ann Taggart

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