Plans to demolish Limavady music venue

Plans to demolish Limavady music venue
Following a number of social media posts this evening, nowhere in the article does it state that 'AMUSE is closing'. The business continues to operate as normal.

We are simply reporting on information that is in the public domain. For anyone wanting to find out more about this application - click here.

Causeway Coast Community is under no obligation to delete factual content.

A Pre Application Notification (PAN) was submitted to Causeway Coast & Glens Council last week to propose the demolition of 23 - 29 Catherine Street ( AMUSE ) with the construction of a new two-storey retail development.  

The building changed names during the pandemic from Granny Annies to AMUSE.

The applicant is W & R Group Ltd.  The application will go before the planning committee within the next few months for consideration.


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