Plans to replace Coleraine phone box with new BT ‘Street Hub’

Plans to replace Coleraine phone box with new BT ‘Street Hub’

BT has submitted plans with Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council for removal of an existing BT Phone Box ( outside Bob & Berts ) and installation of a proposed replacement BT Street Hub with the associated display of advertisement to both sides of the unit.

Given that phone boxes have become largely obsolete due to the development of technology, the telecommunications giant has partnered with InLinkUK to create new street hubs; the 21st century’s answer to the phone box.

The hubs themselves are an advancement of previous InlinkHubs were implemented in some cities across the UK. They are shaped like digital advertising boards but have an interactive touch screen that can give out public information and connect to the internet etc.

The new BT Street Hubs have pushed the technology on and now include ultrafast WiFi, free public calls, public information, with a better Wi-Fi range, environmental monitoring, secure power-only USB ports for rapid device charging and an expanded phone network coverage with 5G mobile enablement.

They also have the capacity to boost local 4G and 5G signal and are powered by 100 percent renewable carbon-free energy.

In terms of maintenance, the units are monitored 24/7, with weekly inspections and a minimum bi-weekly cleaning service to keep the unit to a high standard of finish within the existing street scene. They are also fitted with a direct 999 call button.

The application will come before Council's planning committee within the next few weeks.

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