Portrush businesses can help prevent NI Water having an ‘Egg-stra’ difficult Easter!

Portrush businesses can help prevent NI Water having an ‘Egg-stra’ difficult Easter!

NI Water is putting out a direct appeal to the restaurant businesses of Portrush to stop pouring Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) down their kitchen sinks.  The Easter holidays will hopefully mean busy restaurants, but that also means more FOG blockages which can be ‘egg- stremely’ annoying for NI Water.

The large amounts of fat, oil and grease entering the sewage system from Portrush town are having a serious impact on equipment, including pumping stations.

Brian Donaghy, Wastewater Networks North Customer Field Manager commented, ‘Fat, oils and grease can cause significant blockages in the sewer system.  This can result in out of sewer flooding, with raw sewage spilling onto streets and pathways in the town, or pollution to the local rivers.  The blockages can also cause flooding within the restaurant property itself, resulting in lost revenue over the busy Easter period.

“NI Water staff are working hard to keep the sewer lines clear and prevent serious pollution incidents, but it is frustrating when it is so easy to prevent.  If kitchen staff poured the FOG into a grease trap instead of pouring it down the sink, it would prevent the sewer blocking.

“The irresponsible actions of a few restaurants are not only causing harm to the whole sewer network, but it can lead to odour issues and rat infestation risks near premises if blockages do occur.  So don’t be a ‘rotten egg’ this Easter and use a grease trap in your kitchen!”

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