Portrush RNLI launched to reports of a yacht in difficulty at White Park Bay

Portrush RNLI launched to reports of a yacht in difficulty at White Park Bay

The All-weather, Lifeboat under Coxswain Des Austin launched at 1.54 pm on Saturday into near perfect conditions, a clear sky, excellent visibility and a calm sea.

The volunteer ALB crew arrived on scene at 2.30pm and quickly established that the yacht with two persons on board had fouled its prop on a rope. A crew member was transferred to the yacht to try to release the rope but this was not possible. A further assessment was carried out and it was agreed that the best course of action was to tow the yacht to the nearest safe port which was Ballycastle. A tow line was established between the ALB and the yacht which was towed safely to the Harbour, arriving at 3.55pm.

Beni McAllister Lifeboat Operations Manager at Portrush said:

Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence with a yacht, but the couple on board did the right thing by contacting the Coastguard and asking for assistance. Our volunteer crew are trained for this type of incident, so it was all very straightforward.

We would also like to congratulate our newest volunteer crew member Roo McCrudden on his first shout with Portrush RNLI.’

The ALB arrived back at Portrush at 5pm, refuelled and ready for next service.

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