Power NI Joins in the Celebrations at Braidside Integrated Primary School

Power NI Joins in the Celebrations at Braidside Integrated Primary School

Braidside Integrated Primary School have received a £300 community grant from Power NI, Northern Ireland’s leading energy supplier.

The Ballymena based primary school was nominated to receive the community funding by Power NI employee, Nikki Ryan whose children attend the school.  This was part of the company’s staff sponsorship scheme ‘Helping Hands’, which gives staff the opportunity to put forward local groups and organisations for funding.

Operating out of temporary structures on Fry’s Road since 1992, staff and pupils were delighted to finally move into the brand new primary and nursery school, and thanks to the donation, the school was able to fund the official opening day.

Braidside Integrated Primary School was originally founded 30 years ago by a group of parents working with the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education. It was the first integrated primary school in Ballymena and the new premises provide a 14 classroom school and single nursery unit for 300 pupils. The school pride themselves on welcoming children from a wide range of backgrounds, aiming to educate the children in an inclusive, encouraging and supportive learning environment.

Power NI is delighted to support Braidside Integrated Primary School by providing funding for an official opening day of the new school. The funding was put towards decorations, refreshments and a commemorative plaque which was unveiled by local comedian and actor Tim McGarry, accompanied by the Education Minister, Michelle McIlveen.

Grateful for the funding, Power NI employee Nikki Ryan commented:

“This school has seen the success of many pupils from the area for 30 years, so it is fantastic that they finally can enjoy their brand-new school. I am proud that Power NI has been able to support this school on their official opening day and to celebrate with them their 30 years in integrated education. Thank you, Power NI, for your donation and support.”

Principal of Braidside Integrated Primary School, Julie McCauley commented:

"Thank you to Power NI for supporting Braidside Integrated Primary School in celebrating the official opening of our new school building. We are grateful for the helping hand!"

To find out more on how Power NI is energising local communities click here.

Photo caption

Caption: Braidside Integrated Primary School celebrate as they receive £300 thanks to Power NI’s staff sponsorship scheme, ‘Helping Hands.’ The initiative encourages Power NI staff members to nominate local organisations and groups they’re actively involved with to receive funding. Thanks to the nomination by Power NI employee Nikki Ryan, the school was able to fund the official opening day of the newly built primary and nursery school.

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