Preliminary report due in June for Castlerock footbridge

Preliminary report due in June for Castlerock footbridge

A preliminary report is expected to be completed by the end of next month for Castlerock footbridge.  

In January Council approved the further assessment of the bridge by Translink’s consultant with cost to be shared by both parties and Council’s share limited to a maximum of £10,000.

This was done in an effort to provide Translink with the assurance that the bridge, with remedial work, is capable of being returned to its’ location over the railway line.

To date, they had expressed concerns over its’ long-term future.

A section of a report that will be presented to members of the Environmental Services Committee next week reads  "Translink’s consultant has now visited site and has carried out dimensional and condition checks. Subject to Translink agreeing their proposed assessment criteria it is hoped to have a preliminary report completed by the end of June. At this point Council will have some indication of the cost to repair and re-install the bridge. The final report could be available by the end of August."

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