Proposed car park for Culcrow Primary School and new community play park area

Proposed car park for Culcrow Primary School and new community play park area

The Education Authority has submitted plans to Causeway Coast & Glens Council for a proposed car park to provide 19 parking spaces, 5 drop-off spaces, and 1 disabled parking bay to service Culcrow Primary School situated on the Curragh Rd, Aghadowey, Coleraine.

The proposed plans are for land to the immediate north of 129 Curragh Road, Coleraine.

In addition, the proposals include associated hard and soft landscaping and a new community play park area.

In 2018 a part-time 20 mph speed limit was introduced outside the school.  

Welcoming the proposals Councillor Darryl Wilson said: "The traffic safety issues at Culcrow Primary School have been well documented over the years, with speed reduction and additional signage being added in the past.

"I welcome this new application by the Education authority for a car park and a community play park area in the vicinity of the school.

"The additional car parking will enhance safety at the site for parents, children, and road users.  A modern fit-for-purpose community play park area has been needed in the Aghadowey area for some time now.

"I look forward to watching these applications progress and hope that if successful, works are expedited and completed as soon as possible."

The application will come before the planning committee within the next few weeks.

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