Proposed NI 100 Stained Glass Window Design

Proposed NI 100 Stained Glass Window Design

An Equality Impact Assessment Consultation has opened for the proposed NI100 Commemorative Stained Glass Window design for Coleraine Town Hall.  

As part of the 100th anniversary of the creation of Northern Ireland (NI100), Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council elected representatives agreed to commission a commemorative stained-glass window to be installed in Coleraine Town Hall.

A working group of the NI100 Committee was set up to design and agree the content of the stained-glass window.

A consultation report says that it "comprised members of all political parties. However, Sinn Féin did not attend any working group meetings."

The proposed window if approved will be situated at the side entrance of Coleraine Town Hall facing Church Street. The window is approximately 3.7m above ground level, and the images will face inwards. Council says the location is considered prominent in terms of pedestrian flow and so will enable visitors touring the building to view the window.

The window will incorporate three crests (for Coleraine, Northern Ireland and the Honourable the Irish Society) at the top.

Below the crests will be a “patchwork” of images reflecting the borough’s different district electoral areas (DEAs) and relevant themes including sport (including golf, surfing and the North West 100); culture (including the Pipe-band Championships, Irish and Scottish dancing and Limavady Arts Centre); local produce (from wheat and barley to Bushmills Whiskey); history and heritage (from Dunluce Castle to the Royal Ulster Constabulary) and the natural environment (including Glenariff, the Dark Hedges and Garvagh Forest Trail).

Initial proposals to include a NI100 crest were amended after consideration that it could be considered contentious as the image did not represent an officially designated NI100 crest and in particular as it included an image of the Ulster Banner.

The crest was then replaced by the ‘Northern Ireland Coat of Arms’, which likewise also contains an image of the Ulster Banner, and is also now regarded as ‘historical’ given that the body to which the arms were granted no longer exists.

The budget for commissioning the window was £20,000 with the Honourable the Irish Society providing funding of 50 per cent of the cost.

Consultation events will take place online via MSTeams as follows:

Further information and submitting your views can be done by clicking here.

About Coleraine Town Hall - Originally built with funding from the Honourable the Irish Society, Coleraine Town Hall was the headquarters of Coleraine Borough Council. Today it is used by Councillors, Council staff and the general public to host meetings, functions, exhibitions, festivals and events. This includes Councillor robing for Remembrance Sunday and other civic and historical occasions. It is also home to a visitor information centre which offers guided tours.

Coleraine Town Hall is already home to a number of commemorative stained-glass windows, such as one marking the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, as well as being the official war memorial and contains a memorial to the Ulster Defence Regiment. The building is described in the equality screening as “very much a hub for memorial reflection”. The equality screening goes on to consider that as “a place of remembrance and history and therefore political emblems [the window] may be more accepted by the community it serves in the Town Hall.”

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