Proposed Traffic Management Measure for Craigahulliar Road / Ballymacrea Road

Proposed Traffic Management Measure for Craigahulliar Road / Ballymacrea Road

The Department for Infrastructure Roads Spring report to Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council tonight, Tuesday, included a number of minor Traffic Management measures, one of which is to upgrade warning signs and road markings for Craigahulliar Road / Ballymacrea Road outside Portrush.

Councillor Mark Fielding said: “There has been concern over a long period of time from residents about speeding on Ballymacrea Road and in particular at the junction with Craigahulliar Road.

“These are two busy rural roads. There are over 20 dwellings at Craigahulliar which is close to the Council’s landfill site and the traffic has further increased since the establishment of the new Caravan Park in the last few years.

“Following a site meeting we facilitated for local residents with the police and DfI Roads at the beginning of the year, safety concerns were expressed regarding the speed of traffic where the national speed level still applies in a residential area.

“Following this Meeting, DFI Roads have now agreed in their recent report to upgrade warning signs and road markings on the Craigahulliar Road and Ballymacrea Road.

“These traffic management measures have been welcomed by residents and their families and hopefully will assist in reducing excessive speed,” said Cllr Fielding.

Agreeing with Cllr Fielding, Maurice Bradley, MLA said: “We had a good cordial meeting with the PSNI, DFI Roads and residents earlier in the year. “Thankfully, the concerns of the residents have been listened to, and improvements have been initiated.

“However, the nature of the junction, on a hill, and a corner and taking into account the number of vehicles, lorries and cars servicing the council landfill facility, the residential caravan park and the residents of Craigahullier, I would ask DFI Roads to consider a speed limit as a further measure to reduce traffic speed and help negate the nature of this junction.

“There are young children playing in Craigahullier, there is a tourist facility directly opposite the houses at Skerry View, again children at play and the added danger of large, heavy refuse lorries all congregation in the one small area.
“I welcome the proposed improvements, but will be writing to the Department seeking the urgent installation of a speed limit of 30mph leading to this junction and through Craigahullier itself,” concluded Bradley.

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