Pupils learn important lessons by exploring cultural diversity

Pupils learn important lessons by exploring cultural diversity

School pupils in Causeway Coast and Glens have been learning important lessons about mutual understanding and kindness as part of the ‘Exploring Cultural Diversity Programme’

Timed to coincide with International Day for Tolerance and Anti- Bullying Week, the four-week programme was delivered by Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Good Relations Team.

This year, facilitators from China, Poland, Japan and South Africa visited eight schools in the Borough to talk to pupils about their country of origin, their culture and why they came to live in Northern Ireland.

The young participants enjoyed an opportunity to ask questions in a safe environment and take part in fun, interactive cultural activities.

Welcoming the programme, the Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Councillor Richard Holmes said: “The core ethos of the Exploring Cultural Diversity Programme is to encourage our young people from primary school age to have an appreciation of the rich variety of cultures that we have in Northern Ireland, and to encourage mutual respect.

“It is through important initiatives such as this that the next generation learn about the diversity of people and cultures that make up Causeway Coast and Glens, helping build Good Relations across our community.”

When feeding back their thoughts on the sessions, one of the children who took part said, “I love to talk about the cultures and I like seeing all the different people”, with another adding, “I really enjoyed it and liked South Africa the best. I would like to learn about more countries.”

Good Relations Officer Bebhinn McKinley added: “The schools’ programme serves to dispel myths about other cultures, provides an opportunity to encourage kindness, and raises awareness of other cultures and traditions that add to the richness and diversity of our society.

“We look forward to offering this programme again to schools next year.”

The Exploring Cultural Diversity programme has been delivered successfully to local primary schools since 2019. If your primary school would be interested in taking part in 2022/23, contact Bebhinn McKinley at [email protected]

This programme is supported by the Executive Office as part of the District Councils Good Relations programme and supports the TBUC strategy (Together: Building a United Community)

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