Quick thinking RNLI lifeguard brings family to safety in Ballycastle

Quick thinking RNLI lifeguard brings family to safety in Ballycastle

An RNLI beach lifeguard leapt into action this afternoon when he spotted a woman in distress at the mouth of the River Margey in Ballycastle.

Shortly after 12 this afternoon (Sunday 8 August), an RNLI lifeguard based on Ballycastle beach was on patrol and became aware that a woman had waded into the shallow water at the mouth of the river at Ballycastle. With the recent heavy rainfall, the river had become swollen and was quite fast flowing and she was finding it difficult to make it back to the bank.

On seeing her difficulty, her two young children had tried to help her and entered the water.  The lifeguard entered the water and assisted the group to the safety of the bank.

In a statement to Causeway Coast Community, an RNLI spokesperson said "The lifeguards would advise that due to the recent weather and heavy rainfall, rivers are swollen, and currents are fast flowing with rips present at the mount of the river where it meets the sea.

"Take extra care and if you are swimming please go to a lifeguarded beach and swim between the flags."

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