Real life drama at book launch!

Real life drama at book launch!

There was a massive response to the launch of Dee, The Little Lifeboat which was held in the Arcadia building in Portrush on Saturday.The Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Councillor Richard Holmes, had just been thanked for his appearance by Master of Ceremonies Brian Moore and the author of the book, Dr Martin O’Kane, introduced to the attending audience when a piercing alarm filled the room.

The RNLI crew who had attended the event in their “scrubs” leapt to their feet and in orderly fashion departed as the sound was their collective pagers alerting them to a Lifeboat Emergency.

Some of the crew were able to return a short time later as it had been decided that the smaller lifeboat was appropriate for the “shout” which turned out to be a successful rescue of two paddle-boarders off Portstewart Strand.

It was a poignant reminder for those attending, however, that such an emergency can happen at anytime and Dr Martin O’Kane continued with his address, emphasising that what they had just witnessed was one of the reasons why every penny of the profits from his book will go to the Portrush branch of the R.N.L.I.Dr O’Kane is the Medical advisor for the busy Portrush Lifeboat and is no stranger to some of the tragedies that the crew have witnessed but thankfully this superbly equipped vessel is so often the reason so many have returned to tell the tail of the dangers of the sea.

The book is on sale for £9.95 and has been described as the “perfect stocking filler for Christmas” and whilst it’s available at a number of local outlets it can also be ordered at

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