Reformed drug smuggler to tell life story at Coleraine fundraising event

Reformed drug smuggler to tell life story at Coleraine fundraising event

A former drugs lord who was jailed for the biggest cannabis smuggling operation in the UK is to share his story when he visits Coleraine.

Michael Emmett was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison when he was caught with the £13m, five-tonne haul of the drug.But while Emmett – who counted notorious gangsters such as the Kray twins as friends – was inside, he turned his life around.

The reformed character, who says he was relieved to be arrested, is visiting Coleraine to help raise funds for a charity in the town.

He will be sharing how his transformation during a fundraising event, which takes place at The Lodge Hotel on Thursday, 19 May.

Emmett, who has since written the Amazon best-seller Sins of Fathers, said: “I am so looking forward to sharing my story and learning more about the Coleraine charity and community group ‘Ashes to Gold.’ It’s so encouraging to witness the work these guys are doing to really support people recover and grow into their destiny.”

Ashes to Gold charity manager, Peter Finch, said: "I am delighted that Michael Emmett is spending some time with us to share his story and encourage others to believe that big life change is possible for anybody, regardless of their back story or upbringing.”

Tickets for the event, which starts at 7pm, cost £5 with all the proceeds going to Ashes to Gold. To book your place, contact Alison McCloskey on 02870 343 787 or email [email protected]

Online booking is available on the Ashes to Gold Facebook page

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