Revealed: Majority of fixed penalty notices issued for cigarette littering

Revealed: Majority of fixed penalty notices issued for cigarette littering

Councillors will be informed next week that the majority of fixed penalties issued by private contractor WISE have been for cigarette butt and rolled up cigarette littering offences in the month of August.  

Based on dates ranging from the introduction of the contractors on 2nd August to midday 27th, the number of fines issued throughout the borough totalled 656.

In Coleraine, 438 fines were issued. Next to Coleraine was Ballymoney with 96 offences in the same time period.  

The majority of the 656 offenders were male (381). Females accounted for 275.

The data from a report that will be presented to Councilors reveal that people aged 30-39 years old were issued with the majority of fines, followed by those who were 50-59 years old.

A spokesperson for the Council said that all those that have been given a FPN have the right of representation directly to the company to challenge the issue. Details are provided on the FPN and on the Councils website.

Council confirmed this morning that a total of 749 FPN's were issued from 2nd August to 31st August.


Geoffrey Moffett

Written by Geoffrey Moffett

Content Creator for Causeway Coast Community.
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