Riverside Retail Park barrier replaced

Riverside Retail Park barrier replaced

A barrier system at the Riverside Regional Centre which was installed to stop anti-social driving has been replaced today.

The barrier, which closes the park to traffic one hour after the shops have closed, had been put up following reports of anti-social behaviour in the area.

Maurice Bradley MLA, who was involved in the working group to resolve the issue said: "This new barrier system was damaged a matter of months after it was installed.

'It has been replaced today, and I am hopeful that this will put a stop to the problem.

"Residents in the area had been in touch with me, the owners of the Centre and the PSNI in relation to noise and anti-social behaviour.

"This was going on into the early hours of the morning. These residents were having difficulty sleeping as a result of revving cars and drivers doing do-nuts in the car park.

"It is simply not acceptable.I have asked the PSNI to keep patrols ongoing in the area in a bid to put a stop to this matter once and for all."

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