School merger plans unveiled

School merger plans unveiled

The Education Authority is seeking the publics' views on a proposed new co-educational, 11-18, non-selective controlled, integrated post-primary school for the Causeway Area.

This follows two years of discussion between the three schools, (Coleraine College, Dunluce School and North Coast Integrated College), the Education Authority, NI Council for Integrated Education, Controlled Schools’ Support Council and Ulster University.

It is proposed to establish a new co-educational, 11-18, non-selective controlled integrated post-primary school in Coleraine, in partnership with  Ulster University.  

This could see the amalgamation of North Coast Integrated College, Coleraine College and Dunluce School with effect from 1 September 2024 or as soon as possible thereafter.  

The school will have an admissions number of 200 and an enrolment number of 1,200.

For further details of the proposal and to share your views, click HERE.

A new co-educational, 11-18, non-selective controlled integrated post-primary school for 1,200 pupils, in partnership with UU will provide:

• A learning environment in which children from Catholic and Protestant faiths, children from other faiths, cultures and communities learn together on a daily basis in the one school.

• Opportunities to work in partnership with UU to support their widening participation programme and increase engagement of pupils from all socio-economic backgrounds. This partnership will also bring opportunities for the school in terms of continuous professional development, relevant research expertise, access to first class facilities and unique resources, extended digital learning, real teaching experiences for undergraduate and post graduate students, progression opportunities for students and parents alike encompassing work experience and access to courses.

• A broad and balanced curriculum, designed to cater for all students, within a sustainable framework, in partnership with UU that will provide collaboration opportunities across the Causeway area with other sectors including grammar and further education.

• A high quality, pupil-centred educational experience for all, building on the existing strengths of all three schools.

• A high quality leadership and management that promotes a culture of excellence.

• Specialist Provision for Autism and Learning and Support at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 being taken forward as part of this development proposal in establishing a new school.

• Before and after school provision, ensuring the school is connected to the community, to include supporting the enhancement of the Community Use of Schools Policy, supported by Community Planning.

• The creation of opportunities, within and beyond the curriculum, to enable each pupil to develop his/her potential to the full, thereby creating confident, independent, versatile and successful adults, equipped with the skills and values required to meet the challenges of a changing society and provide for the best possible educational foundation for life.

• Opportunities to develop as a new school, bringing expertise from three schools together and to work in partnership with UU to support their widening participation programme and increase engagement of students from all socio-economic backgrounds.

•  Opportunities to enhance interrelationships within the local community.

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