Statement by Robin Swann on Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry

Statement by Robin Swann on Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry

Health Minister Robin Swann has issued a statement in relation to the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry.

The Minister said: “I welcome the fact that opening statements at the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry will start today.

“I have no doubt that the inquiry proceedings will be a harrowing experience for all those affected by the abject failure of care at Muckamore. It will also be deeply distressing for everyone who works in health and social care in Northern Ireland.

“I believe it is appropriate today for me to publicly reiterate my previous apology on behalf of the Health and Social Care system to all the patients and families who have been so badly let down.

“As I stated in September 2020 when I announced my intention to establish an inquiry, patients and families need more than apologies. They deserve the truth on what has happened and how it was allowed to happen. I trust that this public inquiry will provide the answers that are required.”

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