Popular and well respected Councillor to run as independent candidate in assembly election

Popular and well respected Councillor to run as independent candidate in assembly election

Independent Councillor Stephanie Quigley has this evening announced that she will run as an independent candidate in the upcoming Assembly election.

The Coleraine woman said she made the decision to stand in May to highlight what she believes to be "gross misconduct and corruption in local government".

She has been vocal in challenging what she believes to be misconduct and corruption at local government level and has provided the NI Audit Office with evidence for their current departmental audit.  

In a statement to Causeway Coast Community this evening the Councillor said "It has been an absolute privilege to serve the people of the area where I was born, lived, worked, and raised my 5 children.

During my time as an elected representative, I have stood up for integrity within the Causeway Coast and Glens Council Chamber and faced some opposition along the way.  I have taken a stand to highlight what I believe to be gross misconduct and corruption in local government. The people of this area deserve the democratic deficit to be overturned to allow them to have confidence in their elected politicians and their policies.

"Now, more than ever, we need leaders who will hold those in positions of power to account and ensure transparency and good governance for the people we are elected to serve.

"As health service waiting lists are at an all-time high, we need pragmatic leaders who can look beyond party politics and ensure that patient care becomes a priority. Having worked in the health service as a podiatrist, for over 22 years, I know first-hand the impact of efficient and quality care.

"As we continue to experience the detrimental impact of housing shortages, I will continue to endeavour to secure affordable homes for all. I believe that suitable housing is fundamental right that should be provided to all.

Concluding the local Councillor said "I have witnessed first-hand, particularly at grassroots level, that great things can be achieved when people come together and collaborate for the good of others. I believe that this is what we are elected to do to truly bring about positive change for all people’. As an Independent MLA, I will represent all people within our society".

Stephanie is a popular hard-working full-time Councillor. She polled very well in 2014 and 2019 coming in second place. She has a special interest in homelessness and people in housing stress, lobbying for more affordable and social housing. She was also very vocal about the protection of key services, especially maternity, to remain in our local Causeway Hospital.

One of the first initiatives that she introduced to the Borough is The Street Pastors Project bringing local people together from every denomination, training them to go put on streets of our towns to take care of people enjoying the night-time economy. Seven years on it has gone from strength to strength.

She is well known for her local charity work. She travelled to Refugee Camps in Calais during the Syrian crisis bringing essential aid. She has also travelled to Zomba in Malawi after fundraising for much-needed bicycle ambulances in rural villages.

She recently coordinated the Ukrainian Refugee appeal in the North West. This resulted in three 40-foot lorries being sent to Eastern Poland bringing aid to the people displaced by the war in the Ukraine.

She also chairs the well-known Causeway Darkness into Light Committee, a charity aimed at raising vital funds for people affected by suicide and self-harm.

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