Support small businesses and make someone’s dream come true

Support small businesses and make someone’s dream come true

The next time you walk on the cobblestone streets of your town or city, it’s hard not to be captivated by the large buildings that surround you.

But take a second and look at the smaller shops and eateries.

Don’t just focus on what they sell or how they’re decorated — instead, think about who owns these businesses and their hopes for the future. You are looking at someone’s dream!

From the creators of the independent toystore, to the small coffee shop and elegant restaurant, to the retailer with a unique product line, these entrepreneurs are all individuals who have dreamed about their idea for months or maybe years before taking the leap.

They might succeed or they might not be able to get enough traction in order to keep going. But one thing is clear — the only way they could guarantee failure is by never even starting.

The fast-food restaurant industry is a big deal, and McDonald’s is the king of them all. Richard and Maurice McDonald probably never would have imagined their little burger joint turning into something with over 38,000 locations around the world. This means that countless people are employed by the franchise for jobs such as flipping hamburgers or tossing french fries.

But it is also the dream of someone local. The person who started the local franchise is still fulfilling a dream of their own, just with a different name on company papers. One might imagine that they would be envious to see what has happened and how far this once-small business has gone.

Now look to the floors above some of these storefronts. Ideas are being dreamed up, and products are being created. Some lights stay on late into the night as entrepreneurs work to make their dreams a reality.

Every time you walk through the doors of a business, you’re walking into someone’s dream. Every person who starts their own company has to have a deep passion for what it is they’re doing in order to succeed.

It’s more than just selling products and services; it’s something that we all do every day — our jobs are our dreams.

Geoffrey Moffett

Written by Geoffrey Moffett

Content Creator for Causeway Coast Community.
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