Targeting luxury travel business for Northern Ireland

Targeting luxury travel business for Northern Ireland

Twenty (20) tourism companies from around the island of Ireland, including Dalriada Kingdom Tours, took part in Tourism Ireland’s virtual Ireland Luxury Marketplace yesterday (29 June).

Ireland Luxury Marketplace is an online B2B event, organised by Tourism Ireland to allow the participating tourism companies from Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland to connect with around 1,000 travel advisors from across the United States – via a series of one-to-one, pre-scheduled video appointments and interactive roundtable presentations.

Tourism Ireland aims to showcase our superb luxury tourism to these influential US travel advisors – building anticipation for future trips and reminding them about the many reasons for their clients to choose the island of Ireland.

Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America, said: “Right now, we are focused on building anticipation for future trips to the island of Ireland, so we are delighted that around 1,000 US travel advisors are taking the time to join us – and our partners from Northern Ireland – for our virtual Ireland Luxury Marketplace. The participation of these influential travel advisors is a strong indication that there is really good interest in our luxury tourism offering – from our boutique hotels, castles and luxury resorts, to our rich culture and heritage, and not forgetting our world-class golf and superb culinary scene.

“Our message for the US travel advisors is that, when the time is right, we will have everything ready to welcome their clients back to our shores. We’ll be assuring them that tourism companies across the island of Ireland have been implementing all the required new health and safety measures – but will still be ready to roll out the green carpet and deliver a fantastic luxury experience for their clients.”

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