Boat House Gallery is still afloat!

Boat House Gallery is still afloat!

Heather McLachlan, the National Trust’s Director for Northern Ireland, called in to help the collective mark their 2nd Birthday in the Boat House Gallery this week.

The Boat House Gallery is situated at Innisfree Farm, beside the Giant’s Causeway. The building is so named as it is home to one of the most famous traditional racing Drontheim fishing boats of the region, ‘The Arrow’, which hangs in the ceiling of the gallery and was the inspiration for their 2nd birthday cakes!

Heather said: “I was delighted to call in to see the artists at the Boat House Gallery, I am so pleased to see they are going strong and continuing to create beautiful pieces of art inspired by their love of the natural world.

“This is a fantastic partnership with local artists and it was super to see how the gallery has developed their offer and to also get a glimpse at the group’s creative response to the COVID-19 pandemic in their wonderful Bench Marks project, which is now nearing completion. It is a very poignant way of acknowledging the impact of the past 18 months and the gorgeous big pieces of driftwood forming the benches, situated in the natural environment, will be a lasting tribute created by these artists.

“A very Happy 2nd Birthday to the Boat House artists and to this picture-perfect blend of art and conservation!”

The Creative Causeway currently consists of five local artists working in glass (E-J McCartney), ceramic (Malcolm Murchison), silver and gold (Emer Dixon), paint/pastel (Jim Allen) and cloth/felt (Louisa Kelly). Visitors to the Gallery have an opportunity to meet the artists and see them at work as well as hear the unique background stories associated with their art. The group were recently awarded funding from Bank of Ireland (Together Arts Fund in partnership with Business to Arts) for a piece of public art at the Giant’s Causeway and they will soon be completing the collaborative Bench Mark project, a creative response to the COVID pandemic.

The Boat House Gallery & Studio is only one of several new studio-galleries within the Causeway Region, adding to the reputation of the North Antrim coast as being a growing centre for exciting and original art.

As well as receiving visitors from overseas and closer to home, Creative Causeway has built up a significantly loyal customer base who regard themselves as their crew and who enjoy keeping up with the latest creations in the gallery.

The Gallery is open all year around at 60 Causeway Road: Mondays & Wed-Sat (11am - 4pm). Free parking available.

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