The Race To Cook at the NW200 - a brand new feature!

The Race To Cook at the NW200 - a brand new feature!

PAULA McINTYRE is a lady to be admired.....I mean, who in their right mind would suggest a cookery programme on radio?  

Surely that's like having a juggler or a mime artist or a ventriloquist on the radio but every Saturday morning on BBC Radio Ulster Paula cooks and perfectly describes the dish she's preparing so eloquently you can smell the aroma from your radio.And now she's tucked a successful television series under her belt.

At her live shows, such as she's doing at the NW200, she misses nobody!Just try and make a comment whilst she's in full stream and such is her humour, she’ll verbally well and truly put you in your place.

So in The Race To Cook on Tuesday 10th May at the NW200 Hospitality Marquee and sponsored by Morellis of Portstewart expect fireworks when Maria Costello and other NW200 riders compete under Paula's guidance in this exciting new feature that's OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC........

The NW200 "RACE TO COOK" with music afterwards from the wonderful SIMPLE TRUTH....what's not to like!Tickets in advance, priced at only £10.00 can be obtained from the MyTicket app or pay at the door (subject to availability).

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