Tourism Ireland builds anticipation for future trips to Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland

Tourism Ireland builds anticipation for future trips to Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland

Tourism Ireland has launched a new £3 million promotional campaign today (7 June), to build anticipation for holidays on the island of Ireland this summer.

Tourism Ireland has been actively planning for the restart of travel from overseas. The organisation is now ready to roll out a significant promotional kick-start campaign to entice and welcome back overseas visitors.

Phase one involves a major digital video campaign, which goes live from today (7 June). Called ‘Let’s get back to Ireland’, the online video will build anticipation for holidays here this summer. It will be promoted via online video platforms (including YouTube), on social media, mobile devices, as well as on Connected TV (television that can stream digital content), in nine different markets: Great Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries and Switzerland. To view the film, click here.

Minister for the Economy, Diane Dodds MLA, said: “I am very excited to welcome this Tourism Ireland promotional campaign. We have a fantastic product on offer in Northern Ireland with a wealth of outdoor activities, spectacular scenery you may recognise from the HBO series Game of Thrones, stunning lakelands and mountains and world class attractions to enjoy. Alongside a wealth of top class accommodation, glamping and hotels, superb local produce and the certainty of the warmest of welcomes we can look to the future with hope and optimism as our visitors from GB and further afield take advantage of our wonderful tourism offering.”

Niall Gibbons, Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland, said: “We are delighted to unveil our new campaign, ‘Let’s get back to Ireland’, which will help build anticipation for trips to Northern Ireland this summer, among holidaymakers in our key overseas markets.

“We know from our research that there is significant pent-up demand among overseas visitors to return to Northern Ireland and Ireland, as soon as the time is right. However, we also know that there will be significant competition, as every destination across the globe has experienced the impact of COVID and will be seeking their share of the recovery. As international travel begins to restart, the priority for Tourism Ireland will be to keep Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland front and centre in consumers’ minds. Our kick-start campaign will need to punch through the noise and create an immediate desire to visit.”

Before COVID-19, 2019 was the best year ever for overseas tourism to Northern Ireland, when we welcomed over 2.2 million overseas visitors.

Niall Gibbons continued: “All of us at Tourism Ireland are ready to play our part in the recovery of our sector. Our message is that we can’t wait to roll out the green carpet and welcome back our overseas visitors.”

Phase two of Tourism Ireland’s kick-start activity will go live in July. This will be a separate campaign, which will deliver a very clear ‘book now’ message to prospective overseas visitors and will single-mindedly drive visitor numbers back to Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland.

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