Translink issue public safety warning when using bus and train services

Translink issue public safety warning when using bus and train services

Translink is reminding the public to stay safe this summer when using bus and train services and at stations and bus stops.

Translink’s Director of Commercial Operations David Cowan said: “We are launching a safety campaign this month which helps raise awareness of safety implications around anti-social behaviour on board services or messing around on platforms, along with the danger of trespassing on railway lines, which is extremely dangerous. What may be perceived as harmless fun can have serious consequences.

“We want to help people better understand key safety facts like train stopping distances, how quiet trains are at speed and how they may not always be heard until they are just metres away. For example, trains travelling at 70 mph need the length of approximately five football pitches to stop.

“People who use railway crossings are also reminded to be vigilant at all times, pay attention to warning lights and signs - and not to get complacent.”

Translink continues to work with community groups and youth organisations to educate and encourage safe behaviour on and around public transport.

David continued: “There are also serious implications for those caught engaging in dangerous or anti-social behaviour including criminal convictions, which can have long term consequences. We offer a reward of up to £1,000 for those who give evidence of trespass, vandalism or anti-social behaviour, which leads to a successful conviction.

“Safety is our top priority and an integral part of our ‘Better.Connected’ strategy, working to ensure everyone gets home safe and healthy every day, including our passengers, employees, contractors and the public.”

For more information on Translink’s safety activity visit:

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