Translink unveils new logo identity and sets out focus for the future

Translink unveils new logo identity and sets out focus for the future

Translink has unveiled a new logo featuring a simplified T visual identity in what they say is to 'modernise and simplify brand presence.'

The logo rolled out silently on all social media pages last week with a few eagle-eyed and dedicated followers taking to social platforms of their choice commenting on the redesign.

Depending on the service used appears to feature a different brand colour of the visual identity T.

NI Railways
Foyle Metro

The trend for flat design logos over and above more descriptive, 3D or pernickety styles has become the norm among big technology, transport, disruptive apps, media, fashion and lifestyle brands. ‘Simple is good’ is the default mantra, which is hard to argue with. Less clutter, less fussiness, more focus on product / service and customer.

In a limited statement to Causeway Coast Community a Translink spokesperson said:

“The Translink logo, first developed 25 years ago, is changing as part of the ongoing development of our brand.

“The aim is to modernise and simplify the brand presence of public transport as one integrated company leading the transport transformation and creating one sustainable, integrated transport service for a cleaner, greener and healthier Northern Ireland.

“We are currently planning a phased update to the presentation of the Translink brand, capitalising on the planned and ongoing fleet and service enhancements and incorporating day-to-day replacement of items.”

Geoffrey Moffett

Written by Geoffrey Moffett

Content Creator for Causeway Coast Community.
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