Unmowed 'grass verges' causes visibility problems across Borough

Unmowed 'grass verges' causes visibility problems across Borough

DRIVERS fear uncut grass verges growing out of control across the Borough could lead to accidents.

Towering grass at roundabouts and road junctions is severely limiting visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Speaking about the issue, Cllr Darryl Wilson said "I, like many other councillors, have been inundated with complaints regarding the impact that long grass is having on visibility for motorists at many traffic junctions in rural areas.

"The Department for infrastructure are responsible for cutting the grass in these areas.  In my capacity as Chair of the Environmental Services Committee, I have written to my colleagues in the DUP, SF and SDLP to ask for their support in requesting that a representative from DFI attend our next committee meeting so that we can pass on our concerns and look for a resolution.

"I would like to thank the members of the DUP, SF and SDLP for supporting this proposal. This is not a party political issue, it is, however, an issue which if not addressed, could end up with motorists sustaining a serious injury or causing death due to the highly dangerous driving conditions.

"The Director of Environmental Services has now actioned my request and has written to the Department for infrastructure requesting this meeting."

"I will update members of the public once the meeting has taken place. In the interim, please drive carefully!"

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