UUP slam DUP/SF coalition for being so "eager to sell" to a developer that they ignored public opinion!

UUP slam DUP/SF coalition for being so "eager to sell" to a developer that they ignored public opinion!

This morning Causeway Coast & Glens Ulster Unionist Party has issued a statement in relation to the Dunluce Centre.

"We are bitterly disappointed that a DUP/SF coalition lead by the DUP have overturned Council's original decision to place the Dunluce Centre back on the open market.

"Our position was clear from the outset, our objective was to see the Dunluce Centre transformed into a facility which would enhance the town of Portrush while adding a family attraction which could be enjoyed by local people and tourists alike all year round.

"We were more than willing to not "panic sell" due to the length of time that the facility was on the market, we were also willing to listen to the many, many objections of local people and local businesses.

"Unfortunately the DUP and their partners SF did panic and appear overly eager to get this deal wrapped up despite the clear message from the majority in Portrush who were not in favour.

"When the DUP start pontificating about "electioneering stunts", "the truth" & "value for money" We're sure that the "irony claxon" was heard ringing out across the entire Borough.

"We in the Ulster Unionist Party have and will continue to listen to our constituents despite the hysterics and mudslinging tactics by the DUP/SF coalition.

"We will also continue to endeavour to seek out the best opportunities for our Borough's future and not be influenced or coerced by any person or entity into making rash decisions."

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