William Dunlop memorial set to be unveiled in Ballymoney this week

William Dunlop memorial set to be unveiled in Ballymoney this week

A statue in memory of road racing star William Dunlop is set to be unveiled in Ballymoney this Friday at 2pm.  

This project has come to fruition following the collaborative efforts of a number of key individuals including Janine Brolly and the Dunlop family; the Working Group under the Chairmanship of Ian Paisley MP and the benefactors, who have made it possible for the renowned Scottish sculptor David Annand to produce this tribute to William.

The Mayor and Ian Paisley MP will speak at the event before the new statue is unveiled.  

The statue will stand in the Joey and Robert Dunlop Memorial Gardens in Ballymoney.

William who was part of the Dunlop family racing dynasty died after a crash during the Skerries 100 road race in Ireland, aged 32 on the 7th July 2018.  During his racing career, he accumulated 108 Irish National Road Race wins.

Cllr Darryl Wilson said "It will be a bittersweet occasion when the statue of William Dunlop is unveiled within the Dunlop Memorial garden, close to where his father's statue is located.

"The people of the Town, the Borough, and beyond will always hold the members of the Dunlop Road racing dynasty close to their hearts.

"The unveiling will be a reminder of one of our most talented sons, and also a sad reminder of the loss suffered by William's family,  friends, and the entire community.

"The statue will be a fitting tribute to William and will ensure that the fond memories we all have of the man will endure for generations to come."

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