Woman thanks stranger who paid for her shopping in Ballymoney

Woman thanks stranger who paid for her shopping in Ballymoney

A woman has expressed her gratitude to a 'kind-hearted young man' who paid for her shopping at Home Bargains in Ballymoney a fortnight ago.

Ruby Scally (27) from the Portstewart area discovered that there was a problem with her Apple Pay when she tried to pay for £32 worth of goods at the store. As she tried to resolve the issue, frustration set in as the queue started to get longer when she said a 'young man behind her took out his card and paid via contactless without saying anything'.

Speaking to us this evening Ruby said "I was so shocked and asked him a few times for his bank details so I could pay him back but he kept saying, don’t worry about it and just walked off.

"I was so touched - such a kind young fella!"

Ms. Scally hopes the young man will come forward so she can express her gratitude or at least pay him back.

If you are the person who carried out this random act of kindness, feel free to send Causeway Coast Community a private message on facebook and we will connect you with Ruby.

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